Starting A Self Help Business – E-Commerce Training

A huge part of your self help business whether it be relationships, nutrition, Reiki, motivation or any other topic will be selling products. Coaching packages, DVD’s, CD’s, e-books and printed books are some of the items that you will be developing. The common thread to selling these products online from your website will be the training you will need in e-commerce and the systems that run everything.

Besides the website and product images, there is a core set of processes to an e-commerce system: the shopping cart, the merchant account, and the payment gateway. A good shopping cart will integrate these elements seamlessly for a trouble free selling experience. The shopping cart takes the orders, the merchant account processes the credit cards and payments and the gateway connects the two together. The shopping cart produces the code for the selling buttons that are placed under each product on the website.

A general understanding of e-commerce large format printing will go a long way in ensuring that you will always be ready to go with any new products you develop. It’s not that hard to get a working knowledge of the shopping cart system so you can add and remove products, change prices and descriptions. Shopping carts also have the ability to create upsells, discount coupons, ad tracking and automatically process shipping and handling. To truly reap big profits, your e-commerce system needs to run on automatic… freeing you up to run your business and all the daily tasks you have. How can you write more books, speak at seminars, have your consultations and attract new clients if you are grossly inept at e-commerce?

There are thousands of authors, teachers, healers, psychics, empaths, coaches and trainers that have a message to give to the world, but have no clue where to start.

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